Happy Saturday...

I hope you all had a magical Christmas Day with friends and family eating, drinking and talking. Christmas morning started here just like any Christmas morning with two kids excited about the prospect of opening parcels and eating lollies before breakfast. I don't think breakfast even exists on Christmas morning, (although I need my daily fix of the morning cup of tea before I am coherent.) Yesterday was a day for actually figuring out just how some of the many toys worked. And I managed to sit at the computer long enough to find some inspiration in the everyday.

I was folding some washing the other day and came across a little top of my daughter's and thought that I could use it as inspiration, so I will share this once I have finished it. Then browsing on the net at clothing, and soft furnishings, there is just a whole world of inspiration as you can see in the above picture. So my challenge to you is to find something that inspires you and recreate it as a card, scrapbook layout or beyond the page project and upload your creations here. Upload your inspiration photo and creation and why it inspired you.

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