New Papers from ...

This range of Christmas papers are beautiful. 
Heavy 12 x 12 papers and wonderful stickers, great for making gifts for presents. 
Would be good for boxes, pockets, envelopes and of course 12 x 12 layouts. 
Check them out over at Scrap Box NZ.
Hope everyone had a great Labour Weekend!


Missed deadline !!!

Scrap Box NZ's last Sketch Challenge had a great amount of entries - hope the The Scrap Box NZ Great Christmas challenge get's just as many.  I know you are all busy and trying to fit it all in, sometimes we put things down to come back to later.

That's what happened with Nic with the last sketch challenge.  She cropped her layout and saved it, thought I'll send it later and did other things.  Forgot to send it and missed the deadline!  I wanted to share it with you, because as you can see below, she has done a fantastic job!

I love seeing how you all interpret the sketch - thanks Nic and sorry you were late - it's great!  By the way she submitted it the next morning when she remembered and I said I would share it.  I then went off and did other things and forgot about it - till now!  Don't put things off!  Do them when you remember, or write a note to remind yourself otherwise they may not happen at all or you could miss important deadlines !!!

Have a great Labour Weekend everyone!


Now that's a worry !!!

No Comments - I hope I haven't scared you all away!  Jo & Mrs Frizz were looking forward to the Christmas Challenge and now that the projects are revealed - No Comments!!!

Maybe it's the third project - Christmas Centerpiece!
Here's some ideas:
Topiary Tree
Christmas Angel
Photo Tree
Die Cut Flower Arrangement
Bucket fill of something scrappy

Hope that helps with the ideas - don't forget to tuck a holly leaf in there somewhere!

I think I'll send out a newsletter and drum up those that don't check the blog!


Here we go ...

The Great Scrap Box NZ
Christmas Challenge

Three Projects over Six Weeks
Terms & Conditions found on previous blog posting!

Your three projects are:

A 12 x 12 sketch layout 
with a Christmas Theme

A Christmas Card

Off the Page -
 A Christmas table centrepiece!
(This can also be displayed on top of the TV, mantelpiece, sideboard and of course on Christmas Day on your table).

Don't forget to include the "Holly Leaves"

Here is the sketch for the layout:

Any queries please don't hesitate to email me on 

Get your thinking caps on and have fun creating!


Rules & Conditions

The Great Scrap Box NZ
Christmas Challenge

This is how I hope it will all work:
Six weeks to complete three projects
 Starts Mid-morning on 15th October - Finishes Midnight 25th November 2012
All three projects revealed tomorrow - It's all about time management - work at your leisure or complete in a hurry to make the deadline!
Email your finished projects to fiona@scrapboxnz.com no later than midnight 25th November 2012.  They can be emailed earlier as they are completed or all together at the end.
One entry per person - One photo per project!
Have you been watching the "Hint's" on the Blog
EVERY project must include "Holly Leaves"!
Tuck them in behind a photo, flower,
ribbon or make a statement with them.

Points awarded for each project:
1 Point for Participation
2 Points for Second Place
3 Points for First Place
All points added together to give an overall winner.
$50 Scrap Box NZ Gift Voucher
for the Overall Winner
$10 Scrap Box NZ Gift Voucher
for each Catergory Winner
Participation present for those that
complete all three projects
As you've just read, nothing to loose and everything to gain - at the end of it all you will proudly have three Christmas projects completed in November - Well Done!
Hope to see lots of entries and therefore making my job of choosing a difficult one.  Please spread the word, get your friends involved.  Most of all have fun and enjoy the last Challenge set from Scrap Box NZ for 2012.


One more hint !!!

The Great Scrap Box NZ
Christmas Challenge

Back tomorrow with some rules and conditions!
Hope you're looking forward to joining in and playing along!


Another Hint !!!

The Great Scrap Box NZ
Christmas Challenge

Above are some idea's,
but not necessarily to use in the challenge !?!
It's just another "hint"


First Hint !!!


 The Great Scrap Box NZ 
Christmas Challenge

Holly Leaves

With all three challenges that will be set - they all must have one or more holly leaves on them!  There's something to think about!



Card challenge winner

Congratulations - Jo Eden
Well done, love the detail with the handstitching and punches.  The little duck is so cute and as I soon as I saw your card, made me think of spring.  I will email you shortly with the details of your $10 voucher. 
Have a great weekend everyone!


Spring Card Challenge entries

Thanks for entering and will be back shortly with the winner!
Good Luck!


WOW - Finally Decided!!!

Great to have so many layout to choose from - but wow makes my decision harder.  Love how you all interpet the sketch differently with the subject you choose to use.  Some of you are very clever changing it around too.

Winning layout is:  Trudie Trillo

Congratulation Trudie - really please you took the plunge and entered.  This is Trudie's first time she has entered any challenges and wasn't too sure how to submit it.  I love the white space you have used and can see some glimmermist, doilies and washi tape.  Great subject to use for the sketch.  Well done!  I will email you shortly with the details of your $20.00 voucher. 

Thanks to everyone who took part and really hope you will give the "Great Scrap Box NZ Christmas Challenge" a go.  $50.00 winning voucher and spot prizes throughout!


Nearly the end of the challenges for this year !!!

Great that we got so many entries - although that makes it hard to choose the winner.  Still deciding so will be back later with that winning layout.
Next challenge will be placed on the 15th October 2012.  Let you all enjoy the School Holiday's and use that time to put your thinking caps on.  On the 15th I will reveal to you

The Great Scrap Box NZ
Christmas Challenge

 This is going to run for six weeks - finishing on the 25th November 2012.  I know you are all busy, so I've come up with the idea of doing three different things (maybe a layout, off the page & card or something like that), but the difference being you will be given all three challenges on the 15th and they are to be completed by the 25th.  It's time management and all up to you.  If you want to get them all done early and emailed to me that fine.  Spread them out and take your time, or be like me and leave it all till the last minute and panic that you've not going to get them finished.
Keep popping back here to the blog and see the hints that I will give you and more information on how it will all work.  Hope it doesn't scare you off and you are all keen to have a go.  This will be the last challenge for the year.


Sketch Challenge Entries

Some people out there must have been busy recruiting people to do the challenges. If that's you - thank you so much - Yay!  Last challenge I had one entry from Brenda and this time I've got EIGHT entries.  Thanks so much to you all for entering and especially those that haven't entered before.  A couple are new to challenges all together and this is their first time submitting a layout.  Hope the bug catches on!  Good Luck to everyone!

Just in case you forgot what the sketch looked like - it's below, along with your interpretations of the sketch.