Nearly the end of the challenges for this year !!!

Great that we got so many entries - although that makes it hard to choose the winner.  Still deciding so will be back later with that winning layout.
Next challenge will be placed on the 15th October 2012.  Let you all enjoy the School Holiday's and use that time to put your thinking caps on.  On the 15th I will reveal to you

The Great Scrap Box NZ
Christmas Challenge

 This is going to run for six weeks - finishing on the 25th November 2012.  I know you are all busy, so I've come up with the idea of doing three different things (maybe a layout, off the page & card or something like that), but the difference being you will be given all three challenges on the 15th and they are to be completed by the 25th.  It's time management and all up to you.  If you want to get them all done early and emailed to me that fine.  Spread them out and take your time, or be like me and leave it all till the last minute and panic that you've not going to get them finished.
Keep popping back here to the blog and see the hints that I will give you and more information on how it will all work.  Hope it doesn't scare you off and you are all keen to have a go.  This will be the last challenge for the year.

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Jo said...

Ooh sounds exciting!