Now that's a worry !!!

No Comments - I hope I haven't scared you all away!  Jo & Mrs Frizz were looking forward to the Christmas Challenge and now that the projects are revealed - No Comments!!!

Maybe it's the third project - Christmas Centerpiece!
Here's some ideas:
Topiary Tree
Christmas Angel
Photo Tree
Die Cut Flower Arrangement
Bucket fill of something scrappy

Hope that helps with the ideas - don't forget to tuck a holly leaf in there somewhere!

I think I'll send out a newsletter and drum up those that don't check the blog!


Vicki said...

LOL have been doing lots of thinking and planning. :)

Anonymous said...

what Vicki said lol..planning

Trace said...

Sorry Fiona, I won't be doing it this year...but I will be watching and admiring what everyone else does!

topkatnz said...

Yep, not really an OTP girl:) layouts, yep; cards, maybe...but not OTP.

Jo said...

Lol, still keen Fiona, like the other ladies said....planning :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

It's on the 'to do list' ...

Fiona said...

Thinking & planning - that sounds great! I won't know until the November who has been "thinking & planning"!!! Good luck!