I've Been AWOL...

yeh, yeh, I know. Haven't updated my blog for a couple of days. But the Ryder family just had to escape for a couple of days. Very on the spot really. But with Phil only having Christmas Day off work and me just doing the same old thing and the kids at each others throats. We just needed to run away from the daily grind and cellphone. So we have given the kids a taste for some Kiwi great outdoors. No TV, no computer, no playstation, no cellphone and no clock (except for the one in the car) which we couldn't be bothered turning on to check the time. We had no idea what time we had tea, what time we went to bed. Just did it when we felt like it. A great mini break, just a refresher before Kindy goes back tomorrow and school next Wednesday. AND only six weeks until we take the kids on a adventure of a life time... The Gold Coast for 9 days.

I also have this link that I can now share with you. Submissions are now open for issues 2 and 3. Have a go, you might surprise yourself.

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