My trip to Senz in Christchurch

I had a quick trip to SENZ in Christchurch, just flew down for the day. It was great to see what SENZ was all about, as you hear lots of stories as the SENZ date gets close. I must say I was a little disappointed, I thought it was going to be bigger, but then what was there was great.

Julia and my sister meet me there and had a little spend (ok we we had a budget blowout!!!) but came away with some goodies.
It was neat to see how the products are used and come away with some ideas.

Great to catch up with some clients, saw some of my suppliers and now have put faces to names. Quite a few familiar faces from Nelson. Hope everyone who went had a great time!


topkatnz said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. I had 'minimal' expectations before going, so found the event great - surprisingly still found a few things to buy,did an excellent class, and managed to catch up with many online friends - sorry we didn't manage to meet. From all accounts the event was very small in comparison to when it has been held elsewhere.

Fiona said...

I didn't really know what to expect. Heard alot of comments from people because I was only there for the day that I wouldn't have enough time to see everything. Because of that I imagined it to be bigger than what is was. Had a great time and didn't feel rushed. Maybe next time I will do some classes.

Kerri said...

wish i said hello...been a online stalker/follower & didn't even know u were going.how sad am i. great pix & least u came home with some goodies.

Brenda M said...

This year was my 4th at senz. Every other year saturday has been jam packed with people, which made it difficult to get to the stalls, this time it was very lax no where near as many people. Not as many stalls either I might add.. Still I had a great weekend and met up with some on-line buddies as well as familiar faces, which was very cool..