WOW Julia what a birthday present!

Hi, I'm Fiona Gill and am now the proud owner of Scrap Box NZ. Over the weekend my husband & I moved the content of Julia's room to our place. What more could a scrapbooker want for a birthday present (mine was on Saturday the 18th April) than a room full of product. We have two daughters, aged 4 & 9 and they were very excited and helpful too!!!

I'll take this opportunity of thanking Julia for all the time and help she has put in to make the change over so far. She assures me she will continue to be my right arm for a while. I hope so, this is a huge learning curve for me, but one that only all of us can benefit from. I've been searching and purchasing new product, so keep a look out as they arrive in store. Unfortunately some of the supplier's prices have increased. With exchange rates and freight costs, some items will need to increase slightly. I will endeavour to continue to bring you value for money and as I have already checked, Scrap Box NZ is very competitive on price and quality throughout the market place.

I wish Julia a well-earned rest. She will now have time to produce some more wonderful work. Keep a look out for the work she has had published in Innovations Tip & Techniques magazine. I will have that mag available for sale through the site.

Keep scrapping and enjoying the products

Until later

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Mrs Frizz said...

Enjoy the challenges ahead Fiona.

I wish you every success.