Welcome to my blog, Where you can learn about the day to day life of.....me. A busy work from home/stay at home Mum of two AND a self-confessed addicted scrapper. Scrapbooking has become a huge part of my life and my children are my biggest subjects to scrap about.


Lara said...

welcome to blogging!

Angela said...

Good on you for taking that step, will be checking up on ya!

Hannah said...

Welcome to Blogland! It looks great :-)
One tip, you could change your settings to allow other people to post, not just people on Blogger ;-) ... I used to be on Blogger but I'm now on Wordpress.

Hannah (aka honeybumble on Scrapbook Essentials)


Carol said...

Hi and welcome to blogger land lol
look forward to reading your posts

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the land of blogging! Its great fun and keeps you on your toes! Blogs are also handy to refer back to yourself especially when you want to look up the archives and find dates you did things! Welcome again