Easter Sunday

saw Brooke & I up at 6.30am to head off to the Easter Fair in Mapua, about 15mins outside of Nelson.  Mapua Easter Fair is one of the largest in the South Island and had 330 stalls this year. It's a fundraiser for the Mapua School and Playcentre.

The day started off with very heavy rain, but watching the weather forecasts for days before they promised it would clear late morning. As we were driving to the Fair just before 8am it surely didn't look like it would go ahead, but there were lots of hardy soles already set up when we arrived. We sat in the Ute on our site, in the rain and waited for the skies to turned blue about 9 o'clock and we set up.  It got very windy and Brooke's job become a human anchor to hold the gazebo. A few things blew away, but we survived right through to 4 o'clock when the skies threaten rain again and we packed up fast.

 Above is a photo of our stall, which was busy all day.

This is my youngest Paige getting her hand painted with a Henna pattern. 
 It stays on for up to two weeks (depending how often she washes !!!)

Despite the weather it turned out to be a very successful day and lots of fun!

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