End of Year Dancing!

Wow I'm pleased that's all over.  Both my daughters have been in end of year Dance Concert's for the pass three days.  Different Dance Schools, different venues (20 min's drive from each other) and same times!  One does Hip Hop and the other Jazz.  We've been dropping off and picking up, taking other girls home and getting our girls picked up by relatives.  But we did manage to see them both (one night each) and they did a great job.

Somewhere in between all that we got the Christmas Tree up and the decorations around the house.  Isn't it great to revisit the decorations.  The girls asking when did we make this and where was this one from.  Me saying be careful, as that one from an Auntie that is no longer with us.  That's one's precious and that one's really old.  Among them too are one's from Kindy and School days.  Little photo frames with their pictures in from Preschool.

Love the home made decorations as much as the brought ones.  Pinterest has such inspiration and great ideas - now just to find the time to make them!


Vicki said...

I love this time of year but yes, it sure can be a busy one running around after kids doing all those end of year things. Hope you find some time to relax. :)

Fiona said...

It just seems to be never ending at the moment! One day at a time! This week my youngest has School Production two night this week. Did get some time for gardening and sitting in the sun - red shoulders to show for it!