Die-namics Dies

Has it really been that long - I can tell you it's been a long fortnight for me, I had the flu and that kept me in bed for four days.  It's nasty, I hope not too many of you have got it this year.  It's taken a while to feel better and then being down, I got a tummy bug.

Any way that's why I haven't been here, but I'm back now with some great news.  I hope you've been checking what's been coming into store - a new product and brand.

These are American made steel dies, great designs and with the assistance of a "Cuttlehug" go through your cuttlebug, bigshot, vagabond etc. machines.  They have only been in the shop for a week and some have sold out already.  More orders being made and will arrive shortly.

Here's the link to the shop and below are some of my favourite's and I hope they become your's too!

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