Economy Challenge!

Here's you monthly layout challenge!  Something future generations will love to read about and look back on.

The Economy!  Make a 12 x 12 layout about the economy today.  You decide on the title "The Economy" is just the theme of the challenge.  Ideas of things to include - today's date, prices of things like Milk, Bread, Eggs, Petrol, Interest Rates, price of your first house, car, TV.  Anything you think people would be interested in looking at the price difference in say 20 - 30 years time.  Maybe you could include a Supermarket Docket or Receipt from something you brought.  List what prices you paid for scrapbooking products!

I can remember when Popsicles were 12c, Boston Buns were 50c, you could cash in glass fizzy bottles for 5c and my 10 speed bike cost me $120.00 second hand.   I had to save months to pay for it.

Would love more to be involved in the challenges, so give it a go and encourage others.  Please have your completed layout emailed to fiona@scrapboxnz.com by midnight Sunday 1st July 2012.


Vicki said...

I must be showing my age when I remember popsicles at 5c each and you could buy a 5c mixture of lollies. LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

and ... how many aniseed lollies did you get in a bag ... lots and lots and lots ...