Busy week - how about you?

This past week has gone so fast and been packed with heaps of things to do. Can't believe that tomorrow will be the last day of the fortnightly challenge. You still have till midnight Sunday to put together the finishing touches of your "school days" layout, photograph and email them to fiona@scrapboxnz.com.

I came home from my sister's house with a bag fill of Scrap Booking mags and coz today has been filled with the girls friends around, it has given me a few moments to have a look through some of them, while they played on the local playground.

I came across this quote which I think really applied to last week - maybe I needed the pause button to catch my breath.

"In life, there is no pause button, no rewind, and definitely no replay" - Unknown

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Sally said...

re. the quote: Yes hindsight is a wonderful thing!