What happened to Wednesday !!!

Sorry got all caught up with the shop and orders and also had my youngest home for three days sick. Just didn't get there yesterday to let you know who won the "Friends" challenge.

But really please to congratulate Brenda on the layout below. Loved the simplicity and clear spaces on the layout - and those mushrooms are just too cute!

I will email you Brenda with your voucher details. Hope everyone is having a great week and not loosing days like me. Tomorrow my eldest turns 12 and I have nothing sorted. A busy day ahead!


Elaine ( a.k.a. Nana E) said...

Congrats to you Brendy, I too love the mushrooms etc, great work. xx

topkatnz said...

Ahhh, I love that cute Layout! Congrats Brenda:)

Brenda said...

What an awesome surprise, Thank you Fiona..

Tricia :O) said...

Yahhhh Brenda :O) Enjoy you voucher!!