Yah! Found it!

These are the colours to use for your Colour Challenge. Finally found what I was looking for and should have guessed that it came from a Creating Keepsakes magazine. The title reads "warm up pastels with cream and brown" - warm neutrals like cream, tan and brown bring a cozy glow to your pastel colour schemes.

Use the colours for inspiration, can be brighter in hues or paler whichever you like, but your layout must only include these colours. You decide how much or little of each colour.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Tanya Watson said...

so its brown, cream, pink, green and teal? and teal is a more blue than green but not blue colour???

Fiona said...

More an aqua rather than a navy blue. Just like the colours in the circles. They can be brighter, pastels, deeper in colour but use those colours. Hope that makes sense.