2 minutes silence

Below is a photo of Christchurch from the Port Hills just after the earthquake last week - the dust over the CBD.

It's hard to believe that one week has passed since the earthquake in Christchurch. I've just watched on TV and observed the 2 minutes of silence. It has changed many lives, broken families and brought others together. The whole nation is behind you, thinking and helping where ever they can. Hoping that all my customers in Christchurch are safe, you have been in my thoughts. Have caught up with a few comments on blogs and see that some of you are doing OK.

I have family in CHCH, but all thankfully are safe - can't say the same about homes, but they can be rebuilt. My sister here in Nelson has a CHCH family staying with her and their children are attending school here in Nelson. Their daughter has been playing with mine and are now in the same class at school together, just trying to bring some normality back into their lives.

Stay strong - be safe!

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