Christchurch Scrappers

Just a quick note to let you know we are all thinking of you and hoping that you are all safe. Can't quite believe that an earthquake like that could happen and here in Nelson we didn't feel much at all.

The pictures on TV show the extent of the damage but I can't begin to imagine the terror that you all must have felt. How very scary! Do take care and look out for one another.

Our thoughts also are with those Families who's loved ones were among the nine on board the plane crash at Fox Glacier. How precious life is!

Take care of your Dad's today - Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

perhaps we could organise a charity crop to raise some money for our sister scrappers from Canterbury? just an idea

Fiona said...

Sounds like a great idea, but it's the infrastruture that needs to be fixed. I think at this time our sister scrappers in Canterbury just need our emotional support and knowing we are thinking of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fiona - we are fine where we are with no damage whatsoever. Its when you leave our subdivision that it hits home just how bad it is. Just hard to believe that it actually happened here in CHCH.

Fiona said...

Great to hear you are safe - amazing really and still unbeliveable that it has happened like you say in CHCH. Take Care

topkatnz said...

I would love to think of others around NZ cropping and having fun when we have little enthusiasm for that at the moment - donations to the mayoral relief fund to help all those traumatized and facing major cleanup and loss of homes would be much appreciated I am sure.