Top Tip Tuesday...

...completely slipped my mind last week, sorry bout that. So this week's tip.

TOP TIP: Using vellum. Use of vellum can be tricky to use which sometimes puts people off using it. It is more of how to attach it to a card/layout without the adhesive showing through. You can buy a spray on vellum adhesive but I have never used it and I probably won't. I find the easiest way of attaching vellum is simply using glue dots as these can often be hidden under another embellishment. Or if you are going to mat a photo with it, attach the vellum to your paper/cardstock by hiding the adhesive behind the photo. Vellum can be used in any other way just the same as cardstock and paper. You can tear it, emboss it (for those of you with cuttlebugs) use punches/Cricuts/Silhouette/Wishblade to cut, although it often needs a softer cut setting. You can stamp on it, but my suggestion is to use something like Staz-on as most others with smudge. It is particularly great for softening harsher coloured/patterned papers if you use it over the top of the paper. Plus vellum has its own certain elegance for those special invitations.

Have a great week:)

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