More Photoplay Papers

With all this cold weather, these summer papers are nice and bright.

Pop over to Scrap Box NZ shop and have at look at the other Photoplay papers and more in the summer range.


New paper brand at Scrap Box NZ

Now this is one to check out.  

Great pages for journaling, layouts and making special cards.  We just have a few of the collections available, but I'm sure we will add more as they will prove popular.  

I,ve gone mainly for the male pages as I hear so often,  that the guys in our life are hard to create for.  There just isn't enough good papers and 
embellishments for them.  I think these cover some of the things we want to say and the double sided papers are great either way.

and yes there are ones that covers the girls too!

and one for you to fill in - document the scrapper.

You'll find these all over at Scrap Box NZ.
just click here