.... SALLY

An absolutely wonderful layout. I just love the neutral colour background, but bringing the photo to life with the patterned paper. A great twist on the sketch, by mirror imaging it too!!

Well Done..please email fiona@scrapboxnz.com for your voucher details.


Challenge No. 4 Entries ...

Your brief was to create a layout based on the sketch provided, and this is what you all came up with. The winner will be announced later in the week. Good Luck!


Using Glimmer Mist...

...Some of you have been asking how to use this amazing stuff. If you are an expert, now is your chance to skip this post. I have created a couple of visuals to give you an idea on the end possibilities of this stuff.

This first photo is just simply a piece of Kraft cardstock, sprayed with one color of glimmer mist. You can mix colours to give contrasting effects. Glimmer Mist is great for using to give layouts and cards the distressed, vintage look. And there are Sooooo many yummy colours.This next photo shows you what it looks like once you have sprayed the glimmer mist, then wiped over it with a tissue or paper towel. Positive and negative masking. You can buy purpose made glimmer masks, but here, all I have done is used my die cutting machine to cut the image, then used both pieces on the cardstock.Finally a tag, that I made in...say...all of 10 minutes using several different types of media, including glimmer mist in two colours. It is hard to tell but the leaf pattern is a slight shade of green on the tag. I have stamped an image on the first layer of glimmer mist after it is dry. Then sprayed the 'Coffee Shop' colour over the whole tag, before adding flowers.

I hope that this gives you a small insight into using glimmer mist, don't be afraid to experiment a little. We would love to see what you can do with it. So please share your work with us by emailing your creations to julia@scrapboxnz.com


Online Shopping....

....can sometimes be a little difficult as you can't always SEE what the product is like. But I have now made that a lot easier with matching patterned paper and cardstock. You will now notice a link to the right, that will take you straight to the Bazzill Basics Matchmaker. This is a great tool for getting just the right colour cardstock for your paper. Several of the major paper manufacturers are listed on this site. SO take a look --->HERE


The Luck of the Irish

Can't say if you are Irish or not, but congratulations to Sharon.

Julia found choosing from the wonderful layouts that were entered really hard this time. She decided on Sharon's and said it was the photo that stood out and the simplicity of the layout that appealed.

Sharon drop me an email fiona@scrapboxnz.com and I'll send you the details of your $25 voucher - Congratulations!



Challenge #4

...I'll go easy on you this time. But none of you seem to be making the judging easier for me. I am completely blown away by the entries for the autumn colour challenge. I will choose a winner before the end of the week...promise.

But here is this fortnight's challenge. Create a layout based on this sketch.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to have your entries emailed to fiona@scrapboxnz.com by midnight the 29th March 2010. This message will self destruct in 3 seconds....no just kidding, but I couldn't resist this time. I just had to say it!!

We will be giving the challenges a rest over the Easter break, but look out for the next one on the 12th of April.

Challenge Entries ...

Create a layout of any size using the traditional autumn colours, rich reds, rusty browns and vibrant orange. These are the entries that have been sent in - thanks to everyone and Good Luck!


Boxes, Boxes, Boxes ...

they always seem to get held up and then all arrive at once! Some of the products I promised you would see have already come and gone. The Making Memories Albums went out the door with a whoosh, along with another shipment of Martha Stewart Doily Lace Punches. If you missed out and are still after them, email fiona@scrapboxnz.com and I will add extras to my next order.

There are new punches from Martha Stewart (butterfly and cornflower), Fiskars (threading waters) and a cute one from EK Success (button). I will be loading new items over the next week, in between being nurse to sick children. It's not nice when you don't know if you should look or sit on the toilet (get my drift!!!)

Enjoy your weekend (looking forward to mine ending)


A named day for everything ...

Did you know that today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. Yesterday was CHILDREN'S DAY and for those of you in Taranaki today is your ANNIVERSARY DAY.

I have enough trouble remembering which DAY of the week it is, let alone knowing that it's dedicated to an event or something.

Enjoy today for what it brings, it can't be relived. Make it one to remember!


Winner of Challenge No. 2

Congratulations goes to Heidi

Wow what a hard job to choose and I left that up to Julia. She loved the white writing and the little wishing well. Wonderful cuts outs and she said it just jumped out at her. Great job Heidi. Drop me (fiona) an email at fiona@scrapboxnz.com and I'll give you the details for your voucher.

Thanks to everyone who entered, it great to see your inspirational work. How are you next layouts going to challenge no. 3!!!


Challenge No.2 Entries

A Photoless layout - these are truely amazing and very inspiring. Take a look! Challenge No. 3 has been set - have a go! It is listed after these layouts.

The 1st Of...

...March, marks the beginning of autumn for us downunder. So with that in mind here is your challenge for the coming fortnight.
Create a layout of any size using the traditional autumn colours, rich reds, rusty browns and vibrant orange. You have until midnight Sunday the 14th March to complete and email your entry to fiona@scrapboxnz.com
I know it will be a few weeks yet before we see the change in season, but bear this little challenge in mind for each season of the year. Take a photo of the same place during the peak of each season, and scrap it in the colours of that season. It is an interesting exercise, as I have done this for two of the four seasons. A tree in full blossom in spring and covered in ice during the winter. You may even want to do each season on ONE page.
Have a great week. I will be back later in the week with a tutorial on using glimmer mist. Messy but a great lot of fun.