Christmas Eve....

Well it's Christmas eve 2007. The kids have just gone to bed. Very tired too I might add. As they won't be seeing one set of grandparents tommorrow, the have already had a taste of what's to come. The Christmas cake & can of beer is out on the dining room table, and the carrot on the picnic table out side for Rudolf. I already feel like I have eaten too much as we have done a fair amount of socialising in the last three days. I, for the first time will be pleased to return to something called normal. I find Christmas day just as tiring as the kids with preparing food and helping put presents together etc... Eyes are just about closed now so will leave you with this famous saying. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


4 More Sleeps till Santa...

Well only that many!!! Now that school has finished for the summer, Christmas now seems much more real. At least I have a few days to catch my breath now before the man in the red suit arrives and turns the whole house into a christmas paper war. No more school/playcentre Chistmas parties. The Playcentre one was yesterday and after a week of drizzly rain (which we needed) the weather turned it on yesterday. The kids had balloon animals, baby goats and sheep, pony rides, face painting, food and of course Santa.


Inspiration back online.

After a couple of terrible days with scrappers block, I'm back. It actually felt good to leave the scrapping supplies in the cupboard for a few days. I have completed two LO's. First my handsome Puss-in-boots. Then the LO I attempted three times before I was happy. All three with completely different results. The challenge was to use diamonds & hearts, although I am happy with this result, I swear I will never EVER use diamonds & hearts together again!!


End of Term

With the end of the term & school year coming to a close, it makes it a busy time with school plays and shared lunches and all the fun stuff. The Junior Syndicate at Jaden's school put on a series of short plays for the parents on Thursday after having picnic lunch in the park just over the fence from school. Jaden's class did Dick Wittington & his Cat. For a bunch of 6 & 7 year olds they didn't do too bad.

Jaden played the part of Mr Fitzwarren, a wealthy London man.

Miss Photogenic.

Emma just loves the camera, model material maybe? She is just so natural and off-the-cuff. This wasn't a planned pose but she was sitting all relaxed in the old chair in the garage, so I just couldn't resist.

This photo is definately on my to scrap list. A real girlie LO is in order I think.


Scrappers Block

Ever heard of writters block, well I've come up with a new twist on this called scrapper block. I have decided to just leave all my scrapping supplies in the cupboard for a few days (but suffering huge withdrawl symptoms). I think I need to take a break from it for a couple of days until I can let the inspiration flow again. I have tried twice to do the Scrapbook Studio 2 for Tuesday challenge and both times with less than pleasing results. I do have a couple of altered items waiting for some scrapping magic but not sure whether I can cope with them either. Oh well maybe in a couple of days thing will start to look up again.


December LO

This is my take on the Scrapbook Studio December LO, set by Faye. Just love using paint now and I now have another medium that I can call upon on my LO's. I have stamped the CS with bubble wrap that was covered in paint. It certainly gives the CS a whole new look. I love using my Cricut as I can now cut out flowers to my hearts content. The small strips of paper are BG and it was nice to use very little paper. I have tried to not cover the background too much so the painted surface can show through.



Christmas Inspiration Overload

I think that I am suffering this great disease. I saw something similar to this on the net, so decided to give it a go. I have placed transparancy Christmas trees between each of the pages almost to look like rubons. I am pleased with the outcome and plan to place some photos of the kids in it on Christmas day.

I have enjoyed the Christmas spirit that the team at the Scrapbook Studio are putting us in at the moment. They have done a fabulous job and given us plenty to do. If you haven't already check out the site http://www.scrapbookingbydesign.co.nz/

Cheers and have a great weekend!!


Fairytale Fantasies

The Junior Syndicate at Jaden's school has been studying the topic of Fairytales for the last term of school. He came home with a note last week saying that the junior syndicate could dress up as their favourite fairytale character. Jaden's immediate response was Puss-in-Boots. So along to the fancy dress shop I went and voila, Puss-in-Boots immerged. They will be hosting the whole school assembly and parading their attire.
I have also since my last blog, received notice that Emma starts Kindergarten on the 7th Feb. Yay, more time to scrap!!! LOL.


On the 3rd day of Christmas....

Well the 3rd of December already. With Hubby away for the weekend I had my chance to spend time with the kids and scrap!! Put the christmas tree up on Saturday, small but looking very nice. Took the kids to the school pool for a swim. Then Saturday night came up with a few scrapbooking creations.


Quiet Weekend

Hubby is away for the weekend hunting (one of those boys weekends). It is just me and the kids at home and we have a few things planned. The Christmas tree will go up today (albeit a little earlier than nomal). Will take them down to the school pool for a swim later, as it is very hot here today. I plan to have a scrap marathon once the kids are in bed tonight, I have plenty to do so will be busy.


Gearing up for that favorite time of year....

Well with only a couple of days left of November, we are all gearing up for that one day. I seems a little ridiculous just how crazy we get at this time of year. For what? one day. But I must confess that I do enjoy the day even though the lead up can be hectic to say the least. I am slowly preparing for that time with the tree being trimmed this weekend (not usually this early in our house) but it is December on Saturday. As well as scrapping madly the last little gifts for Emma's Playcentre teachers & Jaden's teacher.


Countdown to Christmas......

I have finally completed my advent calendar for the kids!!! Here is my take on an idea that the owner of my local store made while doing the 7 Gypsies class in Auckland recently. I loved the idea so much I had to 'scraplift it'. LOL I will in time write messages on the tags. But this year I will place two candy canes in each pocket for the kids. ENJOY KIDS!!!!


Emotional Times....

Fiona, Jill, Jemma and me

What an emotional day, today has been. My playgroup that I started just after Emma was born is about to lose one of it's members. Jill is originally from Scotland.... and as of Saturday will be returning to Scotland via Australia for a ten day break. We will all miss her terribly but hopefully will keep in touch. I managed a few snaps today marking our last playgroup together. I will scrap them into a mini album (along with my ever increasing list of things to scrap, as well as online challenges) then send them to her. I wish Jill & husband Paul all the best in there new venture as mussell farmers in Scotland taking with them the Kiwi ingenuity to start.


Weekend Break

Well, after a full on long weekend in Hamner. I'm ready for a holiday at home. Who would have thought that taking two children on a break would be so exausting!! We crammed so much in, in two days as well as a 3hour trip both ways. Back to the reality of work/home life seems relaxing almost. Jaden does not travel well, with a few stops along the way, but Emma just cruises along, singing and chatting. I will be using the photos taken from the weekend to hopefully (time permitting) complete the Scrapbook Essentials fornightly challenge. Will probably do it anyway even if not posted in time. The hot pools were great, taking the aches & pains away (temporarily). We will certainly punish ourselves again to do another long weekend. Even though they are hard work, they are FUN!!!!


Very First LO

Fifiscrapz over at the Scrapbook Studio has sent out a wee bit of a challenge, (a dare more like)!! LOL. To post the very first LO you ever completed. I am embarrassed to say that this is mine. My wedding day in September 1994!!! Do I feel old or what.

The journalling says: Look into my eyes and you will see, just what you mean to me. Soppy or what!! It was the song by Bryan Adams that we had playing while signing the register.


Scrapbook Essentials DT Call.

First of all, a BIIIIG congrats to whose lucky ladies who make onto the SE Design Team. Even though I was not fortunate enough this time round, I had a blast trying and you never know my luck might change next time. I can now post my submission here for all to see. The Off the Page project is for my Mum, and she can add her own personal touch with photos she likes. The photo of me on the single page LO is actually printed onto Calico. This was not as difficult as thought it was going to be. So long as the calico is taped down to a piece of printer paper firmly, not much can go wrong.


Scrapping Inspiration.

If you are looking for some great scrapping inspiration look at http://www.pagemaps.com I was put onto this site by SE design team member Megan Renfree for a fortnightly challenge. It is the place to go for scrappers block!!


Another Busy Monday

Well another busy Monday has come and gone and now kids are in bed it is MY time. Monday is usually my day out, with today being no exception. Playgroup for Emma, then grocery shopping (Yuk) home to unpack then back off down to the school to collect Jaden from cricket. I have finished my DT entry to the Scrapbook Essentials Design Team call and now play a waiting game. I had fun no matter the outcome and will continue just the same.

A bit of fooling around with the camera and Emma, I came up with this LO. It was fun to do and nice to do something not so serious.


Life in the Country

Thought that I might give you an insight into our life in the country. I have included pics of my favourite places in the garden, some of the Village of Wakefield (a farming town) and some of our lovely outlook. We do live right on the State Highway South (to Christchurch) but have become accustomed to the traffic noise and thank goodness for hurricane gates!!! Keeps the kids in and the dog, our lovely 13 year old cocker spaniel Milo. We have resident ducks that arrive at this time every year. They are looking for breakfast and tea everyday. They spend most of the day under the big weeping cherry tree in the shade.



Welcome to my blog, Where you can learn about the day to day life of.....me. A busy work from home/stay at home Mum of two AND a self-confessed addicted scrapper. Scrapbooking has become a huge part of my life and my children are my biggest subjects to scrap about.