Winner of Sketch Challenge ...

Congratulations to ELAINE.

Well done - great to see how you changed the sketch around and I'm sure your grand daughter will be pleased she was the winning subject. Drop Fiona an email to claim your $20 voucher.


New Fortnightly Challenge...

....so we have done a layout challenge for the boys so this time is 'One for the Girls' Complete a girly layout using lots of sweet pastels or bold brights on the girls in your life. You never know you might just see Fiona give you an example of this one. As she has two delightful girls. You have until Sunday the 8th November to email your creation to fiona@scrapboxnz.com

So stay tuned for the details of 'The Great Scrap Box NZ Christmas Challenge'.


Top Tip Thursday...

...nice and easy this week!!

TOP TIP: When you have created a layout, use the scraps that are left over to make a quick easy greeting card. This often works best when you are already in that colour combination mindset.


Just a reminder

that you still have till this Sunday 25th October 2009 to submit your layout for the sketch challenge. Julia has said turn it upside down, on it's side or use it as it is. Get creative and be in to win $20 voucher.

Still having a few hiccups since the updates to the shop were done. Goes back to the old saying - if it ain't broken don't fix it. I must say I'm sure I've added a few more grey hairs over the last fortnight. Hoping to add some new products shortly - just not trusting the system at the moment until we sort out a few behind the scene problems.


Top Tip Thursday...

...again. I know that sometimes buying something new may be outside the budget (Shhh don't tell Fiona) especially when it comes to tools as even though they can be used again and again. They are more often than not the most expensive items that we crafters purchase.


TOP TIP (with pictures AGAIN!!!) Making the 'torn notebook page' look without the proper punch

Step one: Take the size piece of paper you require for the project you are working on. In this case I have just used a scrap.

Step two: Evenly measure, then punch holes down the left side as shown in picture above.

Step three: tear or cut (if you want a neater look) from the outside in towards the holes as shown.

Easy Peasy!!

Sometimes being innovative is half the fun in the papercrafting world.

Hope you are enjoying your week, the kids are back at school now, and the countdown starts to the silly season.


Winner of "All Things Spring" Challenge

Congratulations to Brenda

So lucky to have tui, wood pigeons and bellbirds in your garden. What a wonderful sound they all make. Really reminds you of spring. As Julia said extra merit would be given for things that are spring and you have included birds and cherry blossom, just lovely - great job. Email Fiona to receive your $20 voucher.


Challenge Time...

...again. How did the last challenge go? Are you keeping up? Well it is time for the next one. So a simple sketch is in order this time.Have fun with it, turn it on it's side, or upside down. It is your choice but the completed layout must resemble the above sketch. You can then email your creation to fiona@scrapboxnz.com. You have until Sunday 25th October to email your creation.

Good luck and have a great week:)



...what a week!! As some of you will be aware, the store is currently going through an upgrade. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and wish to advise that we hope to have everything resolved soon. In the meantime, please email fiona@scrapboxnz.com if you experience any issues with the site. All orders are still being taken and teething problems will be ironed out.

OK so to Top Tip Thursday. A simple one this week.

TOP TIP: when completing a layout, remember that it is your photo that should grab attention. You need to 'complement' your photo with the elements on your page. Don't fall into the trap of letting your elements/embellishments capture the viewers attention first. Rather let your elements 'compliment' your photo.

Hope you are having a great week, the school holidays are almost over.


Top Tip Thursday...

..with pictures!!!

TOP TIP: Making your own embellishments can be cost saving and fun. So today I thought I would share how to make your own buttons.

Step 1: Punch or using a die cutting machine, cut some small circles. I have cut two the same size and one slightly larger.

Step 2: Using a Crop-o-dile or eyelet setting tool, punch small holes in the centre of the circles to resemble buttons.

Step 3: Completely cover the buttons in Dimensional Magic. Don't panic too much it the Dimensional Magic runs into the holes. These can be re punched CAREFULLY once they are completely dry.

Step 4: You are now ready to use your handmade buttons as embellishments for your cards and scrapbook layouts. You can cut any size circle you wish to make a bold statement or small for the more delicate projects. If you wish to have more dimension on your buttons, cut out more circles the same size as each other and layer them one on top of the other.

Making your own embellishments is also great if you don't have the 'real thing' in the correct colour to match your project.